Teaching evaluation

What students say about me.

anonymous comments

I ask students to anonymously comment on my teaching and their learning. Here are all the responses I received for the following years and semesters:

Comments for 2007 fall are not shown here, because the comment sheets were scanned (instead of being typed) and the handwriting might identify the writer. Although I would prefer to have the comments typed and displayed, this is unlikely due to lack of resources.

Comments for English Online are not shown here, because I have been unable to thematically categorize comments. Again, this is unlikely to materialize due to lack of resources.

teaching excellence awards

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My teaching assistants and I received 7 teaching excellence awards, including our university's highest honor.

  • Hokkaido University President's Award for Teaching Excellence (2013-03-15). This is a once-in-a-lifetime award. The certificate and cash envelope are shown above and at left.
  • 2012 (2 awards)
  • 2011 (1 award)
  • 2007 (2 awards)
  • 2005 (1 award)