Teaching Excellence Award for 2012

We received Teaching Excellence Awards for 2 English language courses offered during 2012 fall semester.

The courses that won awards were required courses in English language conversation for freshmen, and placed 3rd and 4th in category (courses for non-native languages).

These are the 5th and 6th awards during the 6 years that we have been eligible. Hokudai gave its first teaching excellence award in 2005. Since then, Noriko and I were in Belgium for 2 years. That leaves 6 years of eligibility. We have won 1 award every year on average.

We have the best student-to-instructor ratio of any language class at Hokudai. Most of our team -- Yuka Wakatsuki, Keiko Okabe, Yoshia Morishita, Ting Feng, Nobuyasu Obata, Yoshimichi Yamashita, my wife Noriko, Kero, Sirokuro Puppy, and me -- are in the picture below taken during a Christmas party in class.
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