Teaching Excellence Award for 2011

We received a Teaching Excellence Award for an English language course offered during 2011 fall semester.

The course that won awards was a required course in English language conversation for freshmen, and placed 4th in category (courses with 25 to 49 students).

These is the 4th award during the 5 years that we have been eligible. Hokudai gave its first teaching excellence award in 2005. Since then, Noriko and I were in Belgium for 2 years. That leaves 5 years of eligibility.

We have the best student-to-instructor ratio of any language class at Hokudai. Most of our team -- Yuka Wakatsuki, Xin Li, Nobuyasu Obata, my wife Noriko, Kero, Sirokuro Puppy, and me -- are in the picture below taken during a Christmas party in class.
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