bikerides 03 and 04

2018-01-06 COTTAGE GROVE AND TOLEDO, OREGON, USA -- Great weather for 2.5 days out of a 3-day weekend. (Monday is Martin Luther King Day, celebrated by many but not all workplaces. One of my former workplaces did not observe MLK day.) We rode our bike on Saturday and Sunday.

On 2018-01-13 we drove to Dorena Lake, a reservoir located east of the city of Cottage Grove, Oregon. We rode the
Row River trail, between the Mosby Creek and Culp Creek trailheads. The trail used to be a railroad. Cyclists and pedestrians only. No automobiles. Our ride was 44.8 kilometers with 100 meters elevation change.

Sky clear, wind calm, estimate 12 C, wonderful day.

The reservoir is designed for controlling floods. The lake is mostly drained during winter months in order to contain water during heavy rains.

A short break at the end of the trail. We wear highly visible clothing, in order to be seen and avoided.

From our house it's 230 kilometers and 2.5 hours of driving each way. Next time we would like to stay overnight nearby to enjoy the area fuller.

On 2018-01-14 we drove to the city of Toledo, Oregon. We rode
Yaquina Bay Road from the Yaquina Pacific Railroad Museum to Yaquina Bay Road milepost approximately 2.5.

Broken 5000, wind calm, estimate 16 C, another wonderful day.

Yaquina Bay Road is an automobile road. Ample shoulder, light traffic, friendly and kind motorists.

A short break alongside the road. We dismount our bike because our bottoms hurt.

Toledo is about as far from our house as it is to my trumpet teacher's house. 50-minute drive.

Rain is forecast starting Monday early afternoon. I intend to wash our truck and bike by midday.

bikeride 02

2018-01-06 LOGSDEN, OREGON, USA -- We went bicycling from Moonshine Park. The roads were paved and had short shallow hills. Traffic was light. People were friendly. We saw cattle, alpacas, chickens, ducks, geese, and miniature donkeys. 30 kilometers, 90 minutes. Wonderful!

After riding with us, Kero is becoming emboldened. A short while ago, Noriko wouldn't have allowed Kero to sit on the bike saddle by himself.

Moonshine Park has a waterfall feeding the Siletz River.

Twin Bridges Memorial Park has 2 sets of bridge supports. The set in the background used to support a covered bridge. The covered bridge aged and a new bridge, the one in the foreground, was built alongside the old one. Hence the name Twin Bridges park. The covered bridge carried pedestrians (but no cars) for some time, until it had to be demolished.

We bought locally grown honey at the Logsden county store. We met delightful people there.

bikeride 01 of the year 2018

2018-01-03 LINCOLN CITY, OREGON, USA -- We grabbed our chance at good weather, and went bicycling up Schooner Creek Road.

It's a marshy area with lots of streams and creeks.

Google maps shows elevation gain and loss. Great for planning bike rides. The blue line shows roughly where we went today. 24 kilometers, 215 meters elevation gain (and loss), 80 minutes travel time.

more more cycling

2017-12-26 LINCOLN CITY AND GRAND RONDE, OREGON, USA -- This month's rainfall is less than half of average. It still rains, of course, and when it stops we set off on our tandem bicycle.

On Christmas day, we went round
Devils Lake, located on the other side of the hill on where we live.

We rode up 17th Street, from where we can see
Cascade Head.

Years before "wearable cameras" ("action cameras" in Japan) became widespread, I strapped atop my bicycle helmet an
unwieldy camcorder that the manufacturer no longer admits ever existed (for shame!). They used to have a nice webpage for the model, but I can no longer download the firmware or the specification sheet. What an unreliable manufacturer!

The silver lipstick-shaped tube on my head is the camera unit. The black box hanging in front of my chest is the recorder unit.

Below are some pictures from the grainy movie captured by the
Elmo SUV-CAM when we rode from Fort Yamhill state park on the day after Christmas.

Oregon state highway 22, locally known as the Three Rivers Highway, is one of the roads that connect the Pacific coast and the Willamette valley. Some sections of the highway have ample shoulders.

In some places the shoulder is skinny. Staying on the shoulder requires skill and speed that I lack.

Some places have no shoulder at all. Gravel, dirt, or mud are unsafe and messy.

We appreciate motorists who pass us by driving in the opposite lane. Some motorists wait for oncoming traffic to clear before passing. That is super nice! We strive to be nice too when we drive.

clean clean clean

2016-09-24 LINCOLN CITY, OREGON, USA -- Summer is almost over. We clean our bicycles, wash the truck, wipe the mailbox, sweep the driveway. It's a chore that we enjoy and perform well.

Cleaning chains and gears is easy with solvent, lots of rags, and patience. I learned perseverance through trumpet practice.

Wash the truck top to bottom, inside and out, including the underside and engine compartment. I must be getting some dirt off because our mechanics tell us our truck is the cleanest in town!

Wipe the interior for the lady of the house.

Bleached and dried our garbage can. Ours smells clean!

Trim ivy and blackberries from around our Japanese maple tree and hydrangea.

toad hill court

2016-09-22 OTIS, OREGON, USA -- Between the communities of Otis and Rose Lodge there is a side road named Toad Hill Court.

Naturally we insisted on visiting.

Just another side street connecting to a country road.

We stopped by the Rose Lodge market. We have driven past it hundreds of times, but it was our first time in the store.

We had brunch at the
Otis Cafe. They are known for gigantic portions. Somehow the meals didn't seem as large as I remembered from last time. Maybe I'm gaining weight!?

grand ronde bike ride

2016-09-20 GRAND RONDE, OREGON, USA -- We went for a bicycle ride in an area with gentle hills located about 50 kilometers east of our home.

We transport our tandem bike with the front wheel removed. The fork attaches to a clamp on the truck bed.

Attaching the front wheel takes only about 20 seconds.

Behind the
casino in Grand Ronde we found an idyllic pastoral area. We walked our bike over this wooden bridge because our wheels might get caught in the gaps between the slats.

The rolling hills behind Kero and Noriko are part of Oregon's coastal range. This row of hills keeps the ocean weather on the coast. Lincoln City is cool and moist. Inland, the summers are hot and dry. Grand Ronde is in between.

Bicycling lets us appreciate roadside views that cars would miss.

We took a break at
Fort Yamhill state heritage area.

Our luggage bag lets us carry snacks and extra clothing. The bag was expensive but worth it.

bike upgrade

2016-09-15 NEWPORT, OREGON, USA -- We had our tandem bicycle serviced and upgraded. We took the bike out for a spin. The bike feels much more solid and responsive, mostly because the timing chain (which connects the pedals of the 2 riders) is tight.

Our bike now has a detachable pannier (a side bag) to carry Kero, snacks, and weatherproof clothing.

We started at the Hatfield marine research center, and headed via Idaho Point marina to Yaquina Bay bridge, the south jetty, and South Beach state park.

The boardwalk at South Beach state park is popular among vacationers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Noriko had her handlebar adjusted so that she ride with improved safety and comfort. Kero admires his reflection in Noriko's side-view mirror. The mirror also reflects sunlight onto Noriko's jacket.

co-motion visit

2016-09-12 EUGENE, OREGON, USA -- We visited Co-Motion, a company that manufactures full-sized tandem bikes that can be disassembled for travel.

Co-Motion is located several kilometers away from Bike Friday.

Co-Motion exudes a high-class top-end image.

Co-Motion's headquarters houses their factory, sales, and showroom. They were preparing for a major bicycle trade show in Las Vegas.

The model I salivate for is the
"Java" tandem with Rohloff internal gears and carbon belt drive. All bikes are built to order, starting with frame material.

bike friday visit

2016-09-12 EUGENE, OREGON, USA -- We visited Bike Friday, a company that manufactures folding bikes.

Bike Friday is located in the west side of Eugene.

Bike Friday's headquarters houses their factory, sales department, and showroom.

Oregon has an impressive array of manufacturers that produce mechanisms requiring precision, for instance bicycles, light aircraft, trumpets, and folding portable tools. I suspect this is due to the large number of craftsmen who work in Oregon.

This jig, nicknamed "Fluffy", stress-tests bicycle frames.

Each bicycle is built to order. Each sack contains parts for each order. Some parts are made in-house, some are delivered from suppliers. Bike Friday keeps a just-in-time inventory. Bicycle assembly commences when each sack is filled.

The model I salivate for is the
"New World Tourist" with Rohloff internal gears and carbon belt drive.

Walter, a sales consultant and avid cyclist, gave us a factory tour and explained bicycle mechanisms to us.

tandem bike ride

2016-09-08 WILLAMETTE MISSION STATE PARK, OREGON, USA -- We took our tandem bicycle out for a spin. We hadn't rode for several years because we were enjoying our kayak.

We removed the tailgate from our pickup truck, and loaded up our bicycle on the truck bed. We wanted an 8-foot bed but the longest bed on a Nissan Frontier is 6 feet. I decided that suspending the bike frame would damage it the least. 4 straps hang the bike. The front wheel is removed, and the front spoke is fastened in between bolts.

Our bike is an KHS Tandemania Comp. This is a nice 2-out-of-5-star tandem.

No luggage container means Kero must stay with the car. He is visibly disappointed.

We biked through the Willamette Mission state park and watched the Wheatland Ferry. This is a high-tech electric boat that carries up to 9 passenger cars to and fro. We rode it several years ago when the boat was brand new.