A close-knit, fiercely loyal group.

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Noriko earned her MA at Stanford University, and was a loan officer at Barclay's Bank before becoming the source of stability in our household.
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Hiroko earned her MA (under me) and PhD (at the University of Tokyo) by comparing the intonation patterns of Japanese phrases spoken by native and non-native speakers. She taught English language in Japan, and Japanese language in Japan and China. She is an associate professor at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan's top language school.
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Takafumi earned his MA (under me) and his PhD (at the Tokyo Institute of Technology) by developing and evaluating learning methods for verbal and non-verbal discourse skills. He is a professor of Japanese language in Sapporo at Hokkai Gakuen University.
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Miki earned her MA under me by developing and evaluating project-oriented learning methods for high school English. She continues to teach at Sapporo Kaisei Secondary School, a public school of secondary education that offers a 6-year program that combines middle school and high school.
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Noriaki earned his MA and PhD under me concurrently to teaching at Sapporo Kaisei High School. He develops and analyzes audio-video classroom corpora in order to train teachers to teach English through English. He is a professor of English language learning at Hokkaido University of Education Asahikawa.
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Naomi earned her MA under me by developing and evaluating sing-along methods to learn English language pronunciation. She serves as a substitute teacher at various elementary, middle, and high schools in Hokkaido.
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Ivy earned her MA under me by designing methods for learning vocabulary collocations. She is an assistant professor at Sapporo Gakuin University.
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Sirokuro in Japanese, Black and White in English, and Zwartenwit in Dutch, our faithful canine is also the mascot of our courseware.