neighborhood walks

2020-03-30 LINCOLN CITY, OREGON, USA -- We took 2 short walks today when it stopped raining.

When the fog and rain went away, we saw Cascade Head to the north from a hill behind our house.

At the end of our street is a statue of Abraham Lincoln on horseback. They recently built an attractive gravel garden around the statue. Behind the statue is the parking lot for the community center. The center (including my favorite swimming pool) is closed due to the COVID-19 disease. The parking lot is empty.

forest trumpet

2020-03-22 LINCOLN CITY, OREGON, USA -- Today is the last day of good weather for a while. We got out of the house.

First we took a walk in a
shady wood.

In our truck, we had sweet biscuits we brought from
Tokenukijizo in Tokyo.

Then we parked at the entrance of an inactive logging road to practice trumpet.

Noriko says my sound echoed off the hills. I hope nobody was listening!

I played "When you wish upon a star" for Kero.

This area will soon be built up, we fear.

online learning

2020-03-19 LINCOLN CITY, OREGON, USA -- Oregon governor Kate Brown issued an executive order prohibiting colleges and universities in Oregon from conducting face-to-face instruction until 2020-04-28. She states that colleges can continue to teach by remote and online learning.

I am grateful that online learning is considered a viable alternative. I am saddened that a pandemic is underscoring the value of e-learning.

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 11.54.32

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 11.52.14

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 11.52.26

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 11.54.44

bayocean spit

2020-03-18 TILLAMOOK, OREGON, USA -- We went for a walk along the Bayocean spit.

The spit separates the Pacific Ocean and Tillamook Bay.

The tide was out.

We usually eat in at the
Pacific Seafood factory and restaurant in Bay City. All restaurants in Oregon are closed due to the COVID-19 corona virus scare. The oyster factory and store were open. We bought a small jar of fresh oysters for $8 and added that to heat-and-eat clam chowder. Fancy easy hot food at home!


2020-03-16 LINCOLN CITY, OREGON, USA -- Alas, our city, state, and nation have declared a state of emergency over the new coronavirus COVID-19.


depoe bay

2020-03-16 DEPOE BAY, OREGON, USA -- We went for a walk in Depoe Bay, located 22 kilometers south of our home.

The distance from our home to Depoe Bay is about the same from our home in Tokyo to my mom's house in Kanagawa. Driving to Depoe Bay is faster, smoother, and more comfortable because traffic on the coast is rural.

Just for fun, I used an
online tool for appraising automobiles. Our car is probably worth about $11000.

Family totem pole!

Fantastic weather.

Depoe Bay is known for whales and seals.

When we had Mexican lunch overlooking the ocean, we did not know that all restaurants in Oregon would be closed for the next 4 weeks.

Cliffs and rocks and waves. We walked between the place where this picture was taken and the promontory in the upper center of the photo.

pho noodles

2020-03-15 LINCOLN CITY, OREGON, USA -- Easy noodles for lunch at home.

I roasted beef a few days ago. Today we made Vietnamese pho noodles with spinach and beef. Quick to do and tastes fantastic.

neskowin walk

2020-03-15 NESKOWIN, OREGON, USA -- After a few days of rain, fantastic weather returned. We went for a walk in Neskowin, located just north of where we live.

Cherry trees are pretty.


Nice views of the ocean and golf course. The golf course is submerged several months of the year.


Neskowin used to be a tiny village. Now it's built up and rather crowded.

Some families seem to love frogs like we do!

easy fancy food

2020-03-11 LINCOLN CITY, OREGON, USA -- Easy fancy food at home tonight.

We bought heat-and-eat food at the store.

We steamed lobster ravioli. Boiling tends to result in soggy and broken ravioli. Steaming produces cleaner, well-formed ravioli.

We heated ready-to-serve king crab and corn chowder.

Placed ravioli in a deep bowl, poured thick soup over them, and topped it with home-made smoked salmon. Easy yummy dinner in half an hour!

chocolate frog

2020-03-11 LINCOLN CITY, OREGON, USA -- We visited our friends at the Chocolate Frog candy store.

Love their new store!

Dark, milk, and white chocolate frogs!

Peanut buttercup!